Perhaps you have an established career as a wellness professional and you have attracted many satisfied clients who are benefiting from your services. 

However, you may have examined your budget and realize you need some extra money. Or maybe you want peace of mind from having a consistent stream of income.

Instead of simply trying to attract additional clients for your existing packages, why not branch out your offerings and create additional streams of income? 

The advantage of these new income streams is that they will help you and your clients re-imagine your brand in different forms. 

You don't need to re-invent the wheel!  Here are 6 ways you could adapt your Signature Process to create additional income streams.

1. Group Sessions

If you are accustomed to working one-on-one with clients who are willing to invest in a bit more for personalized attention, why not also offer group sessions to those who may not need that degree of personalization and are budget-conscious? Offering lower-cost group versions of your regular service will enable you to reach more clients, who ultimately may invest in one-to-one sessions.

2. Products

Is there a specific product, app or tool that will make it easier for your clients to apply what they learn in your sessions? Consider creating a product line to create an additional wealth stream and expand brand awareness. Think of what is lacking in typical products your clients buy in the store and develop something that is uniquely yours. These products can be physical or digital.

3. Memberships

The subscription model provides steady and reliable revenues. People can book individual classes or sessions and cancel or not sign up the following week. However, membership programs provide a regular source of revenue from individual clients.
Develop a membership program that gives clients a discount over a range of your classes, sessions, products, webinars, and other offerings. A membership program that provides value will encourage subscribers.

4. Affiliate Marketing

You can promote your service while also generating an additional source of income with affiliate marketing. Find a field related to yours and promote products and services of other companies by encouraging your clients to click on affiliate links. Choose a business that is related to your field but not a direct competitor so you can combine promotions. Also, consider cross-promotion deals with other wellness professionals and coaches.

5. Books and Webinars

Your clients value your insights. Provide them in a form they can use even when they are not in one of your classes or coaching sessions. Create an eBook or a Webinar that you can sell on your online store or provide as part of your membership program.

6. Investments

Not all of your wealth streams need to come directly from your business. If you have some extra property, rent it out, whether to a regular tenant or an Airbnb visitor. 

Consider investing in stocks or a fund. You can trade yourself or find a reliable fund manager with modest fees. Perhaps your passion is to write a book not related to your field. Go ahead and write and publish it on Amazon Kindle under a pen name or make handicrafts and sell them on Etsy. 

Focus on what you enjoy, and the money is likely to follow.
Being a entrepreneur is fulfilling, but it may take some time before the money starts rolling in. You can encourage the revenues to come by creating additional income streams that can expand your brand and grow your wealth.

Want to add one of these income streams but you're not sure how?

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