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learn how to use Your Human Design For business success.

Your personalised Human Design report reveals your unique energetic makeup. It provides insight into your personality, strengths, weaknesses, and potential. It's designed to help you align your business with your authenticity so you can experience success with ease and flow

Business doesn't have to feel overwhelming, lonely or icky...

Are you a wellness professional looking to grow your practice, but you're chasing your tail and and unsure of how to move forward? 

I specialize in helping heart-centered professionals like you find clarity and build an aligned business you love through a combination of business coaching, hypnotherapy, and human design.

Through business coaching you will identify your unique strengths and weaknesses, set clear goals, and develop a strategic plan to achieve them. I'll work with you to identify and overcome any limiting beliefs or blocks that may be holding you back from reaching your full potential.

Our hypnotherapy sessions will help you tap into the power of your subconscious mind, allowing you to let go of limiting beliefs and patterns that may be preventing you from reaching your goals.

And our human design sessions will help you understand your unique design and how it can be used to achieve greater success in your personal and professional life.

You'll be able to grow your practice without feeling overwhelmed, and you'll experience a newfound sense of clarity and inspiration. Plus, you'll create your unique business roadmap so you always know what to do next to get more clients and help more people.

Whether you're just starting out or looking to take your practice to the next level, I'm here to help. My services include one-on-one coaching, group coaching, and workshops. There's also a variety of resources to help you stay motivated and on track.
I'm passionate about helping wellness professionals like you to stop chasing their tails and create a successful and fulfilling practice. Contact me today to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards achieving your goals!

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Discover your Human Design And How To Leverage it for Business Success

How You Do Money is how you do everything! Makeover your money mindset Now

Thank you so much for this, it was awesome! I actually feel like it is working already as although last week was a bit of a write off for me I do feel like my business opportunities money coming to me has already picked up. I’ve had several people get in touch to book appointments and someone else who wants to talk to me today about some full time work 3 days a week. So what I was looking to bring about was increased overall coming in from myself, so that clearly fits the brief! Thanks so much!



I had a session with Vicky around money blocks. Vicky has a lovely manner and was very skilled and precise when helping me get to the bottom of what was holding me in a financial rut. Once you understand what’s holding you back you are able to change your life and I am indeed now changing my current life and financial position. I would absolutely recommend Vicky!



lovely to meet you

My Name Is Vicky Santiago

I am a business coach, clinical hypnotherapist, human design coach, and professional speaker.

I have been working in the wellness and personal development industry for over 5 years (and an entrepreneur since I was 15 years old), helping professionals like you achieve their goals and reach their full potential.

My passion is using my combination of skills and tools to help wellness professionals design a business that reflects their strengths, energy and interests, so they can create a reliable flow of income and help more people without feeling overwhelmed. 

I am also a professional speaker, I speak on various topics related to wellness, business, and personal development, and I am available to speak at conferences and events.

I believe that everyone has the potential to achieve their goals and live a fulfilling life, and it is my passion to help people do just that. If you're ready to take your life and business to the next level, I would love to work with you.

Please feel free to contact me for a free strategy session and discover how I can help you reach your full potential.

From my blog

Is It Your Mindset?
How Your Thinking Can Affect Your Success in All Areas of Life

Our mindset determines the path we take in life.  One path will have you living in abundance and the other struggling in scarcity. YOU get to decide which path you choose. Which one will you place in the driver’s seat?

6 Ways to Create Wealth with Multiple Streams of Income

Whether you have a full client load or not, the most common complaint I hear from wellness professionals is about needing reliable income. Here are 6 ways you could adapt your Signature Process to create additional income streams.

How to Journal Your Way to Improved Mental Health

A great way to improve your mental health is by taking the extra time each day to journal. You can choose to journal in a variety of ways, whether you prefer to use old-fashioned pen and paper or use an app on your phone. Here are a few of the main ways that journaling can improve your mental health.

3 Tiny Habits that Can Help You Shift Into a Growth Mindset

Do you believe you can always change for the better or that that you’re stuck with your natural skills without any room for improvement? Shift into a growth mindset by incorporating these tiny habits into your routine. 

my proven system

My system is for you if:

You're sick of spinning your wheels
You feel like you somehow missed the memo!
You want to grow your impact in the world
You want a profitable business rather than an expensive hobby
You want to work to your strengths and market in a way that feels aligned

My system is NOT for you if:

You love cookie-cutter business advice
You have a retail store or product-based business
You want to keep playing small rather than working through your baggage
You don't want more clients or more money
You already know it all and have everything you need to be successful

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